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This is HOW You Do It Baby!

Manage the Social Media Tech in Your Small Business

Identifying & Implementing the Software Tools You Need

Thursday, May 12, 2022, 11:00am - 12:00pm CDT

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Learning HOW to Do It!

Six Steps to Tech Success



Choose calendars and task management systems that work for you and your team.


Establish systems for file management, email management and contact relationship management.


Simplify with templates that identify your business brand on documents, presentations, mailings and more.


Learn HOW to use the tools and features your marketing expert told you about.  Bring your expertise to life by creating your own impactful content, be it blogs, videos, graphics, events, etc.


Explore the step-by-steps behind the scenes of LinkedIn Company Pages and Facebook Business Pages.  Learn HOW to post, draft, schedule, share, tag, create events and add co-hosts.


Discover integrations within your favorite software to create workflows and processes that save time and money. 

Tune Up Your Tech

If you are spending TOO MUCH TIME ON THE TECH, join me to streamline your processes, make workflows more efficient and reduce the fatigue of daily upkeep with social media.  Let’s get things organized so you can see the RESULTS of your efforts!



  • Learning actively with hands-on implementation
  • Utilizing software tools to get the work done
  • Establishing templates to maintain branding
  • Discovering automation to simplify workflows and save time
  • Building systems you can repeat weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Finding the right processes for YOUR BUSINESS


  • NOT a marketing program to figure out your brand and audience
  • NOT a one-size-fits-all system
  • NOT about paid ads - our focus will be only on organic social reach
  • NOT a social media audit or analytics deep-dive

After the Webinar

What you will get:

An Implementation Roadmap

Identify & Implement Software

Explore my six step process to manage the tech for your social media needs.  This is geared for the small business do-it-yourselfer.

Templates & Downloads

Start with a Checklist

Download my guide for brand usage in popular programs.  Set your logos, colors and fonts so they are readily available.

Early-Bird Registration

Discounted Six-Week Program

Grab the early-bird discount for my expanded six-week master class program.  Only $197 for TWELVE HOURS of GREAT Content.

Nice to meet you!

Dawn Monroe, Microsoft Office Specialist Master
experienced & certified technical educator

I understand what it is like to get stuck in the tech.  I've spent my career getting unstuck and then teaching others how to do the same.  Your time is too valuable to spend messing around with software solutions.  Let me show you how to use the right tool so you can get the job done!

What my clients are saying

STRENGTHS: Activator, Achiever, Relator, Learner, Discipline

Kathy C

"Dawn is so personable, fun, and knowledgeable! She is able to take complex teachings and break them into digestible chunks that are incredibly helpful. She helped me to become more productive in my work--working smarter not harder! I've gotten so much out of her classes and have found her one-on-one trainings to be of great value too. If you want to up your tech game--she's your person!"

Mike M

"Dawn and I performed some training sessions together recently. Dawn was certainly a pro at both the technical side and understanding what attendees are looking for. I look forward to working on new, cutting edge, technical training in the future!”

Kate P

“Dawn presents valuable information on time management (through task, calendar, and file management) in an easy-to-apply manner across multiple platforms. She provided multiple "gold nuggets" of information on utilizing your branding materials through Microsoft Outlook, Word, Google Suite, and Google Docs. She provides a one-stop style so you don't have to go hunting to find information on how to do similar tasks in various programs.”

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Social Media Tech Talk with Dawn Monroe

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Learn to manage the social media tech in your small business.  We'll identify and implement the software tools you need to get your work done!

AND, let's have some FUN figuring it all out!