Happy Birthday from Your LinkedIn Network 🎂🎉

linkedin Sep 15, 2021
LinkedIn | Hide or Display Birthdate

Happy Birthday from Your LinkedIn Network

Did you realize that your birthdate may be shared with your connections on LinkedIn?  I did not realize this and woke up to several messages from strangers I'm connected to on LinkedIn recently.

This troubled me, so I went looking for where that is located on my profile and turned it off.  If you would like to hide your birthdate as well, here are the instructions.

Go to your LinkedIn profile.  Click Contact Info.

Then click the Edit Pencil on the Contact Info window.  

Scroll to the bottom of the window and select Birthday Visible To.


I also posted about this in a LinkedIn expert group and got a completely different perspective.  Many find the birthday greeting a chance to connect with people on a deeper level.  One expert uses it as an opportunity to share a free download with connections in hopes of engaging them in a business conversation.  Savvy!  Several mentioned gaining new clients initiated from a birthday conversation.  Maybe this is something you'd like to try.  Let me know what you think.

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